Rajasthan and Varanasi in India featured

Rajasthan And Varanasi In India

India is a rapidly changing place with its foot firmly grounded now in world trade and economic growth, but you do not have to travel too far from the cities to find yourself emerged in traditional India. Simon Watkinson has the story.

I do not think any words can describe the excitement that I feel when the wheels of the aeroplane touch down on Indian soil. Every trip I make to India brings me a wealth of new life changing experiences; there is never a dull moment. I have spent a total of over seven months there over the years and hardly scratched the surface of this amazing country. As equally rich in colour as it is in spiritualism, this friendly country has so much to offer the adventurous photographer.

Those of us who travel with an open mind will find it easy to embrace the Indian culture in all of its diversities; it has a rich mix of past and present, with old traditions being upheld within the fast and modern pace of its cities.

The influence of past colonial life is still very much present in India and can be found almost anywhere you look. This ranges from architecture, through to India’s amazing railway network. To experience India fully a journey on a…

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