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Professional Regulations for Photographers

“Should photographers who charge for their work be bound legally by professional regulations? Should they hold specific certifications? Simon Watkinson shares his thoughts on the subject”

Should photographers who charge for their work be bound legally by professional regulations? I know this is a subject that is very sensitive to most practising professionals, but in the same light, would you have your gas boiler serviced by your mate’s friend (unless of course he was a registered professional plumber)? It’s a very hard profession to quantify: with so many different disciplines, it is almost impossible to know where to start. The fact is, most of us take artistic images which perhaps can be interpreted in many different ways, and often it is down to the…

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  1. Chas

    I can not get hold of the whole article so as to follow the reasoning, but assuming it is similar in tone to the piece about training which is on Simons web site I have some sympathy.

    Simon is an associate of the BIPP as I was before retirement. He may know why the Institute was formed nearly 100 years ago in response to photography being offered free by a soap company. The Institute has done great work in the intervening years but as far as the public are concerned, little has changed and full recognition remains elusive.

    The opening of the article mentioned Plumbers and that reminds me that in the telephone business section, photographers are between Physicians and plumbers which typify their position. Some will be considered as professionals where as others will always be tradesman regardless of qualifications.

    In my day I strived to be the first but am sure that for some was often thought of as the second. Perhaps the best you can do is to do an excellent job you can in the most professional way.



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