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We have one more picture submitted by one of our readers in this category. All we ask of you is to add your comments in a very constructively way. Critique the picture and give the best advice possible. Remember, many new photographers can learn a great deal from this project. We believe that this is a brilliant way to learn a bit more about photography, see things from someone else's point of view and find out how others think about the subject. Anyone can have a picture critiqued and you can stay anonymous if you wish so.


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Frozen Lake, Carlit

Spring in the Pyrenees. A partially unfrozen lake signs the start of the spring.

Camera Metadata

Photographer: Cesc Beltran
Camera: Olympus OM-4
Lens: 135 f/2.8
Aperture: f/8
Shutter Speed: 1/500sec
ISO: 64
Other Equpment:

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5 Comments added to Photo Critique And Advice Picture 5

  1. andy

    I find this interesting. I like the shape of the lake. I am not sure of the surrounding landscape. It might be because the gound around is alittle dark( at least on my uncorrected laptop at work) which is also making the magenta heavier than expected for the hour of day. I also keep wanting to rotate it clockwise till the lake is straight. Just some thoughts.

    • Cesc

      Very interesting commentary Andy. Really I see the picture in the correct way, because I was more near of the left lake border. But I understand than is possible to see the picture rotated anti clockwise. I try to rotate it and see how it looks.

  2. hani7up
  3. hani7up

    Hi Cesc.
    To start with, I couldn't really grasp if hte photo was of a small detail in a lake or a distant shot of the scene, perhaps some kind of reference to "scale" the elements in the shot would have made it easier to "understand" the subject.
    Apart from that, and from my own point of view, I think the photo may or should undergo the following:
    1. Colour balance: there seems to be a shift to magenta in what I believe is the snow. In order to have a correct colour balance, you should naturally have your monitor well calibrated by a colorimeter device, such as ColorMonki Photo, EyeOne…etc. (Did you have a good UV filter attached to the lens?)
    2. The aspect ration of the crop. This is a personal approach, but I would crop a little of the height, to make the photo a little more more rectangular.
    Have fun and enjoy your shoots!

    • Cesc

      Hi hani7up,
      The lake is aprox. 200m. long. I undestand the lack of reference is annoying, but any reference had broken the pure graphical than is the one than I love.
      The colour, there aren't any colour treatment, is the first light of the sunrise, that is the natural and real magenta dominance.
      I will think of the crop.
      Thank you very much for your attention, and your interesting commentaries.

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