Near or Far

Near or Far

Do you make your images near home or do you constantly seek exotic locations? In either case, there is always an image waiting to be captured — or is there? David Hay shares his thoughts.

Do you take your best photographs in exotic locations or in familiar places closer to home? If they won the lottery, many photographers say they would travel all over the world to the places they have seen in photographic books. Surely at such exotic locations there are photographs everywhere just waiting to be captured? Well, yes and no.

I remember walking out of Delhi airport at 3 a.m. one morning. I went from the cool air-conditioned interior to hot, noisy India in a couple of steps. The air was full of wood smoke; hundreds of touts wanted to arrange taxis or rooms for me; and there were homeless people sleeping on the central reservation, wrapped from head to toe in…

For full article, see inside issue 16 of Landscape Photography Magazine.

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