Liquid Light, Photographing The Partnachklamm Gorge

Doing photography inside popular canyons with hundreds of visitors is not easy task. Add to this the water droplets in the air and the slippery rocks and one can be faced with a stressful situation; Michael Breitung has the story

Some weeks ago, some friends and I made a photographic trip to the Karwendel region of the German Alps. Our hopes were high of seeing some magical light for our sunrise and sunset shoots. During the previous weeks there had been a lot of rain but, finally, the weather was clearing up.

And it did so, but too fast. As so often, when shooting in the mountains, the clouds of the day vanished as soon as we headed out to shoot the sunset. There was no magic light on day one; it was the same on the following morning; and the next evening found us shooting in the wrong direction. There were plenty of clouds but they just would not light up. So, all in all we did not get the photographs we had planned; instead, some quite unexpected opportunities arose.

The rain of the past weeks caused the rivers to swell with water and there happened to be many waterfalls in the area, which we began to explore during the day. Even the harsh sunlight seemed to favour the cascades we visited. Normally I prefer to shoot waterfalls under…

Liquid Light, Photographing The Partnachklamm Gorge

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