How Do I Find My Own Style?

“How do I find my own style? This question will keep you awake at night if you are not careful, nag at you and cause you falsely, and perhaps irrevocably, to alter your stance if you do not take care, as Andy Brown explains”

how-do-i-find-my-own-styleSo goes the question that presents itself sooner or later to every discerning photographer. Given you are reading this magazine, it’s fair to assume you are committed already (at least in part) to a genre, i.e. landscape. Yet this just may be the beginning of a gradual whittling of options that will help shape, hone and define your creative vision, marking you out from your peers and fellows. Both conscious and consequential decisions have to be made through hard-earned experience that hopefully, in time, will lead to a formation of your personal stamp. With the advent of digital technology and manipulation, rapid advancements in sensor quality, pixel counts and lens refinement, not to mention the current upsurge in film and even home darkroom kits, perhaps we have never had it so good. The opportunities for self-expression are more complex and exciting than ever before.

The lure of committing to sensor or celluloid something which resembles that seen with the human eye is hard to resist, and often is the first (and sometimes last) step many of us pursue. This is a fine art in itself and the balance and necessary restraint can be a…

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