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Here at LPM we love promoting photographers from around the world and we'd like to publish your Best Picture in the 'Final Frame' section of the magazine. To submit your picture for the 'Final Frame' section, this is what we need from you:

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  1. Bart_Dumont

    Hi, i tried to upload my picture, i saw the upload bar go to 100% but no thank you message appeard, the screen just refreshed, is my photograph uploaded or not? its called ‘ A passing glance ‘ Greets Bart

    • LPM Team (Author)

      Hi Bart
      No, it hasn’t been uploaded, make sure it is jpg and under 8mb in size.

  2. Veit

    no it has 6.7 mb. it worked now. too slow internet i guess. but thanks for answering

  3. Veit

    i tried about 10 times now but i cant upload more than 60 % before it all crashes.

  4. camillaferrari

    It worked! Sorry for bothering you and thank you again

  5. camillaferrari

    It was 6.7mb, maybe it’s too close to 7mb? I’ll try again right now with a lower size, (like 5mb) and let’s see what happens.

    Anyway, thank you for the quick response!

  6. camillaferrari

    Thank you for this opportunity. Unfortunately I tried to upload my image but no “thank you” message appears. Is my picture uploaded or do I have to try again (I’ve already tried, but same thing)?

    Thank you,

    • Editor (Author)

      Your picture has not been uploaded. Are you sure your picture is under 7mb in size?

  7. Julie

    Love it!

  8. Joel B. McEachern

    Same old, one word comment that I have for the magazine and its many and varied contributors:


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