Book Review: David Noton, Full Frame

“It is relatively easy for an accomplished photographer to produce a book of the best photographs they have taken over the years. It is more of a challenge to start from scratch and to produce a book of all new photographs taken to a tight timescale, has David Noton pulled it off?”

David Noton made his reputation originally with 6x17cm panoramic landscape photographs, taken all around the world. When the digital revolution arrived and, consequentially, the income from stock photography declined, most stock photographers like him had to diversify into other areas, such as leading photography courses. David Noton, however, did something different.  He started his Road Show, touring the UK with his greatest hits in the form of a digital photography show. At each Road Show he would tell the story of being approached by a well-known photography magazine. They said they had a landscape special issue coming up and did he want to contribute a few pages of his photographs? He asked what the budget was; they said there was no budget! This is the way the magazine-publishing industry is run nowadays. Professional photographers are expected to contribute free content to allow them to plug their courses or books.

His Road Show gave David Noton the opportunity to sell prints, DVDs and books as well as showcase his photography. However, he had only one book to sell, his first book ‘Waiting for the Light’. So he embarked on a series of expeditions to produce content for a new book. He planned to visit ten locations around the world and, I think, aimed to obtain about ten publishable images from each trip, giving him about 100 images for his new book…

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