Backer Capper

The Backer Capper system

The Backer Capper is a rear lens cap swapping system for DSLR cameras. It is made to assist photographers, videographers, and cinematographers that have multiple lenses and a single camera base.

With the Backer Capper attached to your belt, backpack strap or slingbag strap, you can swap rear camera lens caps with one hand while leaving your other hand firmly grasping your camera base at all times.  In addition, the Backer Capper makes lens swapping faster, allowing you more opportunities to capture the perfect shot!

The Backer Capper system is lightweight, unobtrusive, and perfectly integrates into your current lens collection by conveniently replacing your current rear lens caps.  No more misplacing your lens caps, the Backer Capper holds firm with super-strong magnets so you always know where that rogue lens cap is!  Have more than 2 lenses?  We will be selling additional rear lens caps apart from the base system.  In fact, you can pledge one of the packages that contains multiple rear lens caps on the right side of this page!


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  1. Tom Kostes

    Any plans to do these for the Olympus E3 or E5 cameras?

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