A Guide To: Macro and Close-up Photography

“From large scenic views to a small, fascinating and colourful world; a landscape photographer’s introduction to capturing close-up and macro images by Ross Hoddinott”


As landscape photographers, our eyes are drawn naturally to the “big picture”, and, understandably, we are seduced by impressive, sweeping vistas, dramatic, rugged coastlines and the tranquillity of lochs, lakes and large bodies of reflective water. However, our eyes are so accustomed and trained to look forward in search of the perfect view, that it is easy to forget to look down, and closely, at what lies beneath our feet. If you are guilty of this, it is time to change the way you view the world. Kneel or crouch down and take a closer look. At first glance, picture taking opportunities might not be obvious, but look again, more closely, and a fascinating and photogenic “miniature landscape” will be revealed.

In close-up, interesting and beautiful natural detail and texture can be isolated and highlighted. Subjects you might not consider photographing normally, such as lichen encrusted boulders and seaweed clad rocky outcrops, suddenly hold fresh appeal. The intricate design and beauty of wild plants and flowers, fungi, geology and insects only truly can be enjoyed and appreciated in frame filling close-up. Viewing the world up close gives you a completely fresh perspective on things.

What Equipment Do I Need?:

Often, close-up photography is regarded as a specialist area, requiring dedicated, pricey kit. To an extent, this is true, as nothing can rival the convenience, ease and quality of using a macro lens; a lens with highly corrected optics, designed specifically for close focusing. However, there are a number of…

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